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(All Four Gospels in One)

Purpose Statement for The Life of Jesus:

In assembling The Life of Jesus, I researched the chronology of all the events surrounding Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection as described in the four Gospels (and the appropriate passages from Acts and 1st Corinthians); then, I combined all of the above into a single story, being careful not to add anything or take away anything from the original -- I have simply set all the incidents in chronological order and combined the details from all six sources so as to have each incident more fully explained as it appears in the course of the narrative. It is the whole Gospel Story from beginning to end! Set in this modern format, there is no longer a reason for anyone not to read -- in its entirety -- the single most important biography in the history of the world. My sincere hope is that, particularly for secular readers, it may be a first step toward knowing God’s GOOD NEWS; and, even for believers, a help for those who’ve found the Bible “too difficult to read”; more people reading the Gospel; a second Reformation.
As Jesus Christ said, “And the gospel must first be published among all nations.” Mark 13:10


Craig Wasson

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